Mark & Crystal’s Wedding at the Victoria Inn

I photographed Mark and Crystal’s wedding August 18 at the Victoria Inn in Hampton, NH. We lucked out with the early timing of this wedding. After the reception we headed down to Hampton Beach for a few more portrait photographs and the timing was perfect to capture the purple-blue hues on the water and in the sky.

Bride and groom silhouette environmental portrait on the sea wall at Hampton Beach, NH at their wedding.

I like to shoot environmental portraits as often as possible, like this one on the sea wall at Hampton Beach, NH at their wedding.  They appeal to everyone, especially in silhouette because I think people can imagine themselves in the moment.

A quiet moment on the beach together makes a nice end to the photographic story of their wedding day.

Father-daughter dance, happy moment captured.  Check!

Of course, one would be remiss to not write a message in the sand.  Sentiments for a day, washed away by the sea.  Captured forever though, with a photograph.

Rockin’ the house, getting announced into their reception at the Victoria Inn.

Father of the bride escorting Crystal to the ceremony.

One of the happiest couples I’ve seen during vows.  Very relaxed, having a great time!

These two bridal party members made my day.  Love the unexpected candid moments!

The bride and groom seem lost in each other during the first dance.

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