Stacey and Chris’s Wedding at Bear Island on Lake Winnipesaukee

I headed up to Lake Winnipesaukee for Chris and Stacey’s wedding August 2nd. They had boats ferrying guests to Bear Island, where Stacey’s family has a vacation home. I was there all day, which meant I was able to accompany Chris and some early-arriving guests on a hike around the island. There’s an old church towards the center of the island called St. John’s on the Lake. Church-goers arrive by boat and hike up to the church for services. Their ceremony, however, was held on Stacey’s parent’s property. The rain held off until the end of the day, so kids could play all day, which meant lots of squirt gun battles and swimming. Of course, Chris and some of his adult guests took advantage of the lake setting to cool off too. I got off the island in the nick of time at the end of the day– a major thunderstorm was brewing and I just got back to the dock in Meredith, NH when the thunder and lightning started.

Their dog Tilly made sure the caterer wouldn’t have to deal with left-overs! The caterer carted several boatloads of supplies from the public dock on Cattle Landing Road in Meredith and back at the end of the day.

Members of the band horse around.

This little guy is well armed for the impending squirt gun battle!


Chris and friends cool off after the wedding. I like the contrast between this photo, and the one below, taken moments apart….

Stacey, still in wedding gown, has a moment of quiet solitude observing guests swimming.

More horsing around! She was initially trying to help him up onto a submerged rock, and when that didn’t work with slippery hands, she joked with the hair pull.

Stacey shows off her ring, a heirloom diamond from her aunt, reset from a four prong setting to a six prong setting.

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