Great Green Greek Wedding at Rye Harbor State Park

Alright, so that headline was a weak attempt at alliteration perhaps. It was a Greek wedding though. With green dresses, ties, bows, cake, and antique car. And it was a great wedding in a beautiful little chapel followed by a tented reception by the ocean. Erin and Tim were married August 16 at the Union Chapel in North Hampton, NH followed by a reception at Rye Harbor State Park.

I like the multiple reflections in this photo. Yeah, I admit, the one in the TV was extra, I was going for the mirrors.

Their godfather William performed the crowning, or Stefana, a tradition of Greek weddings.

Sibling fist bump!

What a cool couple, sporting their aviator sunglasses! While those clouds were the first sign of an approaching thunderstorm that later soaked the hardworking caterers, they nonetheless made me very happy with the amazing backdrop.

Tim’s sister studies for a reading.

Breaking stuff is fun! Greeks keep their shoes on during dancing– broken glass being a hazard after this tradition.

Erin somehow managed to avoid green icing on her white dress!

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