I finally had the chance to attend a WaterFire event in Providence, RI Saturday, Sept. 25th. I’d been wanting to go for a long time and I finally had a free night and I took advantage to make some time-exposure, high-dynamic range (HDR), and panoramic photographs during the event. The sights, sounds, and scent of the wood fires burning engulf the senses, and of course, the event is a photographer’s dream. I saw plenty of photography enthusiasts who had the same idea, and I’m sure it’s a regular ritual. There’s lots of angles one could take; I chose to make purely scenic photographs as I’m more often a photographer of people so landscapes and scenic photographs are a fun diversion for me. It would be great if my town, Nashua, had something like this. Quite a crowd draw and it was obviously great for the local economy-restaurants were packed!

Time exposure of WaterFire
This photograph is actually a multiple exposure- a series of photographs taken with long exposures during the lighting of the fires by torchbearers on boats were merged to create this "ring of fire"
Under a bridge at WaterFire
The mix of stone textures and the warm orange glow of WaterFire plus lines of perspective caught my eye.
Blue Stars at WaterFire
I thought these stars were a great idea. They were hung from trees in a park along the waterfront, with luminarias below bearing personal messages from people attending the event.
WaterFire HDR
Another WaterFire HDR with a view of Providence.
WaterFire from above
An HDR image of the fires of WaterFire. A series of photographs taken at different exposures are merged and tone-mapped to create this image with a good view of a high contrast scene.
Panorama of WaterFire
Rounding out my photographic efforts for the evening, I made a series of photographs and stitched them in Photoshop to create this panoramic scene of WaterFire.

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