Masabesic Audubon Center Wedding and Reception

I photographed a visually unique wedding at Massabesic Audubon Center in Auburn, NH. Marie and Kris were married in a tent wedding followed by a reception at the nature center as well. They and their guests donned Steampunk attire which combined with lots of charismatic, free-spirited guests, made for a fun and lively wedding. Have a look at a few of my favorite photos below, and then head over to Kris and Marie’s wedding blog to read about their wedding in detail and see more of my photographs. The couple technically had a commitment ceremony, although same-sex marriage was legalized during the year they were planning their wedding.

Wedding guest in steampunk goggles, guarding the getting ready tent

Wedding tent at Massabesic Audobon Center, Auburn, NH

Detail of hairpiece arrangement for bride

Secret compartment in book for wedding rings

tying the knot at a same-sex wedding

Stomping on a glass, Jewish wedding tradition

Couple from a lesbian wedding in New Hampshire

Portrait from a lesbian wedding in New Hampshire

Tired baby cradled by mom at a NH wedding

Champagne toast at a NH gay wedding

Happy girl grabbing a can of soda at a NH wedding

Guest in steampunk outfit at NH lesbian wedding

Guests chatting at table at a New Hampshire same sex wedding

Guest enjoying conversation at a New Hampshire same sex wedding

Guest at a NH tent wedding

Grandmother of bride in old-fashioned formal wedding attire.

Bearded guest at a steampunk lesbian wedding

Sailor costume for a themed wedding

Happy child with camera taking wedding photos.

Young girl taking photographs of her father at a NH wedding

Woman in steampunk clothing at a NH same sex wedding

Mom and baby at a New Hampshire wedding photo

DJ in steampunk outfit at a NH same-sex wedding

Boy and a girl play outside at a tent wedding

Grandfather talking with guests at a wedding in NH

Woman flirts with date while dancing at a wedding

Hand signals at a lesbian wedding in NH

multi-generational fun at a NH tent wedding

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